The following presentations and workshops are designed for college students, high school students, dedicated yoga students and teachers, fitness classes, and professional office environments.

Experiential Anatomy I

Experiential Anatomy teaches an increased connection to your own body through movement, imagery, and other creative forms.  In this introductory workshop you will be guided through specific activities to begin a dialogue with your structure. Together we examine and experience details of our skeleton through touch, movement, anatomy literature, and writing that will help you deepen your awareness of how you move. Alternating movement and stillness, by paying attention to sensation, we will ask the body questions and see what it has to express.  The classroom will be held as a safe space for honest exploration.

Participants will:

  • Increase body awareness through attention to sensation
  • Learn specific details about the human skeleton via their own experience
  • Open new pathways to creativity & connection

Please wear loose comfortable clothing
Time: 1-2 hours

Power to the Pelvis

In this anatomy workshop we use movement, imagery, and anatomic drawings to study the musculoskeletal features of the pelvis and hip joint and learn how to apply this learning to our yoga practice. The hip joint is one of the most moveable joints in the body. As yogis, we know this from experience: it's directed one way in Warrior II, another way in Triangle, and still another way in twists. Proper alignment and flexibility in the hip sockets not only allows us to practice yoga with greater ease, but these factors are also central to our ability to move with freedom and walk comfortably without pain. Through playful explorations, we will build a greater sense of our own bodies to help us move more efficiently and comfortably. By gaining a deeper understanding of the structure and movements of the pelvis and hip joint, we exceed previous boundaries and cultivate a broader awareness of our own power and ability. This is for movers of all kinds! Open to all levels. Please wear comfortable clothing (yoga clothes are good).


Dance and Movement Workshops:

Body & Soul: Get Inside!

Perfect for: High School and college students studying dance, health, writing, poetry, anthropology, communications
Creative writers and creative writing programs
Ages 16 and up

How well do you know your body? Our primary means of transportation, the foundation of communication and the source of our creativity, the body registers every moment of life in its cells, tissues and structure. It's time to get inside! In this workshop we explore and increase our awareness of the ways we access our deeper truths, whether expressed in voice, movement, or writing. Using movement and creative writing exercises, we tap into a deeper memory of our lives, finding our truest story.  You will leave the workshop with the following tools:

  • Increased awareness of your body as a source of language and movement  
  • Techniques for relaxation and increased fluency
  • Structures to help you write more honestly
  • Methods for separating your creative mind from your inner critic

Please wear loose comfortable clothing
Time: 1.5-2 hours

Joy of Movement

Perfect for:
Students and teachers of fitness
Students and teachers of yoga
Other formal movement practices looking for a playful change
Ages 16 and up

The Joy of Movement workshop inspires you to move more freely, beautifully, and joyfully. Movements that were once repetitive feel alive. Movements once boring and disjointed feel meaningful and connected. Through exploring elements of dance technique, playing games to awaken the imagination, and learning a simple movement sequence we will experience new ways of moving.  For Pilates students, yogis, dancers, martial artists, and exercise experts interested in adding elements of joy to their movement or instruction.

Participants will:

  • Learn specific dance techniques applicable to multiple schools of movement
  • Increase control and understanding of their own body
  • Experience moving with others
  • Awaken the imagination
  • Practice moving with more joy

Please wear comfortable clothing for movement.
Time: 1-1.5 hrs

Breathe, Move, Stretch
Perfect for:
Exercise classes
School teachers
Work teams
Any group looking to build connection and cohesiveness

This workshop invites you to relax through deep breathing techniques and supportive postures.  By inviting relaxation, we move freely into a dance-centered warm up that focuses on moving the body to prepare it for learning and focus.  We move alone and in relationship to each other, creating a sense of connection and play among class participants.

Participants will:
  • Learn specific stretches and stretching techniques for neck, shoulders, back, low back, and legs - the stretches are catered to the needs of the students
  • Practice simple relaxation strategies they can use on their own
  • Play movement games that open the opportunity for connection
  • Leave with hand-out they can use as a visual reminder for practice outside of class
Please wear comfortable clothing for movement.
Time: 1-1.5 hrs


Modern Dance

Modern Dance is offered as a one-time workshop, a series of 2-3 workshops, or as a 4-6 week class series. The level can be adjusted from Absolute Beginning to Advanced Technique depending on the goals of the students.  Please see Dance Page for current class schedules. Contact Maren for ways this class can fit your needs.

Perfect for:
Modern Dance students
Dance students new to modern dance
Women looking for fun, creative ways to move
Women and men looking for creative exercise
Actors wanting more comfort and control of their body

We play with dance technique, improvisation, body awareness, and choreography. Breathe, coordination, rhythm, & musicality invites creativity, expression, and fun! Warm-ups build organically on principles of anatomy, preparing the body to move safely and freely. Movement phrases and choreography draw on a variety of modern dance principles, often incorporating themes from jazz and social dances. World music, jazz, and popular music provide our inspiring soundtrack. Best suited for those with some formal dance training, especially those who have studied ballet or jazz and are looking for something different.

Time: 1-1.5 hrs

Swing Dance: East Coast Swing

Perfect for:
High School students
College students
Social groups looking for a fun activity
Ages 16 and up

*Minimum 6 people required (see Dance page for information on private and semi-private Swing lessons)

Learn the most simple and popular swing dance of all!  Fun, jazzy East Coast Swing, a.k.a. Jitterbug, has a bouncy, playful style and is danced to a swingin' beat. You will learn basic steps, partnering skills essential for all social dances, and fundamental movement technique.  A great dance for beginning dancers.   Watch this dance.

Time: 1 hour

Swing Dance: West Coast Swing

West Coast Swing is offered only as a class series.  See Dance page.




Workplace Wellness & Stress Management

Perfect for: Administrators, Lawyers, Office Staff, Government officials, Anyone managing and/or participating in an office environment

An interactive, information-based presentation that provides support for managing personal health and wellness in a stressful workplace.  Topics include biological explanation of stress response, relaxation tools, and conversation starters for making progress past the presentation.

Time: 30-60 minutes – adjustable to fit your workday schedule.

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